What is IoT

IOT (Internet of Things), way of connecting your every device, every object to the internet. What does that mean, connect to internet?  Tables, Chairs, Shoes that you wear, Cooling Fan at your room, Door Locks, Fire Alarm, Your Bikes and cars, can all be now connected to Internet, believe me. But how and why? have you ever thought that you can control your every devices with your smart phone or Laptop siting around any corner of the world.

IOT are revolution in the field of Computer Science and world of Digital Electronics. Every device, every animal, every object around us now can be connected over Internet. Can you believe a cow provide us 200MB of data every year. [Read More]


According to Gartner report, by 2020 connected devices across all technologies will reach to 20.6 billion. Woah! that’s a huge number.


Now, lets explore how applications  of IoT will transform our lives. Lets see some of the areas where IoT is much awaited and industries are busy producing surprising IoT Products with smart devices.

10 Real world  Applications of IoT

Smart Home

Now we don’t have to worry about any things in home. A Smart Home would be like;


Smart Wearable


Smart Car

Major brands like Tesla, BMW, Apple, Google are working on bringing the next revolution in automobiles.


Smart City

Smart City, another another revolution using IoT with smart surveillance, automated transportation, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, urban security and environmental monitoring all are examples of internet of things applications for smart cities.


IoT in Agriculture

Energy Management

IoT in Medical Science

IoT in Poultry and Farming


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