Tech Talk on Future of Internet of Things in Nepal

Tech Talk on Future of Internet of Things at NAMI

So,the era of Computing as evolved and everybody of us are embedded with Technology knowingly or knowingly.

With the aim of spreading the knowledge of what Internet of Things is we The Cloud Power organized a 3 hours Interactive talk session on Evolving Technology of Internet of Things at Nayaa Aayaam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI)


We were able to showcase some of the popular Solutions build on the top of the Arduino, Raspberry Pie, and Micro Controllers in Nepal.

Edward Basnet, Firmware Developer at Maulik Taranga shared his story from a novice User to Hardware and Firmware Developer. One of the excellent profile in Hardware and Firmware Platform, Edward talked why and how to build such Instruments using the Concept of Internet of Things.

We were able to show case different real time solutions that has been evolving in current world powered by Internet of Things.


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