Global Azure BootCamp 2017 at Kathmandu

Global Azure Boot Camp, Kicks Off in Nepal

Global Azure Boot Camp(GABC), a global event organized by Technical Communities and User Groups all around the world.  This year too we successfully organized GABC at Nepal. “The Cloud Power” and “ASP NET Community” jointly organized this Global Azure Boot Camp on April 22, 2017 in Nepal.

Global Azure Boot Camp 2017

This year we tried something new in GABC. We planned to have a full day workshop covering end to end process of developing a solution in Azure and hosting it in Azure.

The training session was facilitated by Nishan Aryal along with 4 Microsoft MVPs From Nepal and  and was organized at Ministry of Education, CLPIU, Gyaneshwar

Lets Learn Together and share together” is what we believe.

We divided the whole event into 3 sessions each divided inot 2 or more exercises.

Session 1: Azure App Service and Document DB

In this session participants learned detailed about NodeJS and Mongo DB. Participants were able to visualize about Azure App Service and Document DB

Key Learnings from this session was:

  • What is Azure App Service?
  • How and when to use Mongo DB?
  • What is Document DB and how to use it?

Session 2: Using Server-less Architecture for image analysis with Azure Functions, JavaScript, Cognitive Services and Azure Storage Session.

Participants learned  about how Server-less Architecture for image analysis can be used for Cognitive Services. Also the participants learned about Azure Function App and Cognitive Services. Participants enjoyed the demo of Face Detection made using Cognitive Service Face API like in Morphy Bot and others.

Key learning from this session were:

  • What is serverless architecture and how it can benefit?
  • Serverless Architecture used for image Analysis to faciliate Cognitive Services.
  • How to use Cognitive Service API with JavaScript and NodeJS for Azure Function App

Session 3 : Creating Load Balance Web Form with Linux and Virtual Machines.

This session was focused  on HOW TO CREATE NEW SERVER and make it useful depending on own purpose.

This session was little tough than Session I and II. So this session was divided into a number of exercise so as to faciliate the participants.

Exercise 1: Create 1st Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Exercise 2: Create 2nd Ubuntu Virtual Machine

Exercise 3: Connect two VM and install Web Server

Exercise 4: Create a Load Balance

Exercise 5: Configure the Load Balance.

Global Azure Boot Camp, Kicks Off in Nepal
Global Azure Boot Camp, Kicks Off in Nepal

Views  from participants at GABC

  •  Mahesh Sunuwar (Participant)

“Basically I’m a web developer but learning web deployment using azure Web app services was simply easy and amazing. Also, the session by Mr. Ravi Mandal on Cognitive Services was very useful. And last but not least, the functional and logical app was my favorite and I’m pretty happy with the subscription and hoping for exploring AZURE.”

  • Ravi Raj (Participant)

“How to analyze the image with filtering its content, hosting any kind app on any platform, whether the app runs on Windows OS or cross platform, through cloud computing on Azure or simply using Azure. And I’m looking forward on what can I do with Azure and how it will be beneficial for me and my working environment.”

  • Dipesh Rahut (LABA IT Training Nepal)

“Talking about the event, real time featuring was the best part where the problem occurred could be solved instantly engaging both the presenter and participants, the environment seemed excited. And the level gap between beginner and the professional was awesomely managed which I would call “Cloud computing in practical manner.”

  • Sapana Chaudhary (Lucky IT Solution)

“Initially I was unknown about the cloud computing, especially the Azure. And now I’m pretty sure I can work with Azure and its feature. What I learned was the Web app services and the power of MS Cognitive Services. “-

  • Sushil Singh (Participant)

“I was using Azure since a long. I was using Azure only for storage and Virtualization, but was unknown about the Cross-platform implementation which was new for me. Also the presenter was amazing with his communication and training skills. ”


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