3 Days Workshop on Internet of Things at NAMI College

3 Days full-day Workshop on Internet of Things was successfully organized at NAMI College.The workshop covered embedded systems, the Raspberry Pi Platform, and the Arduino environment for building devices that can control the physical world.

The Total workshop was divided in 3 Modules  with hands on session on each day

Day 1 : Introduction to Internet of Things and Embedded Systems

1st Half: Introduction to IOT, Arduino, Raspberry pi, esp8266

2nd Half: Arduino hands on Software, Hardware, Sensors interface


Day II : Hands on session on Arduino, Raspberry Pi Platform and Python Programming

1st Half: Completion of Projects 2 of 1st Day using Passive Infrared Motion Detector(PIR)

2nd Half: Raspberry pi hands on : Explore Raspberry pi and integrate Arduino GSM Shield


Day III : Working with GPIO bus, Temperature, Humidity and other sensors. 

1st Half: Integrate GPIO’s, sensors interface in Project. Create a simple Web Appliication using Ada-fruit Portal 

2nd Half: Summary and thanks giving.


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  • Cryptex

    First Day : Guff diyerai din bitayo!

    Second Day: The session was literally started from 11:30 and did nothing but a simple example of blinking lights.(included in arduino IDE). Finally a moment of rejoice sensor diyera sensor ko value read garna layo.

    Third Day: Told to copy paste the code and makha parera herna laayo!

    Don’t fall for this guys. There was no proper training. 2000 chuna layera gayo.
    Python programming???Raspberry pi programming?? Are you kidding me??