Manage Firewall in Azure SQL Server and connect via SSMS

Connect Azure SQL Database using SQL Server management Studio

It is necessary to Manage Firewall in Azure SQL Server to connect via Visual Studio Server Explorer and SQL Server Management Studio. Azure SQL Server by default don’t allow unauthorized users (IP Address) to access SQL Database due to security reasons. To provide security, SQL Database controls access with firewall rules limiting connectivity by IP address, authentication mechanisms requiring users to prove their identity, and authorization mechanisms limiting users to specific actions and data.


Setting Server Firewall.

To protect data, firewalls prevent all access to Database Server until a computer is granted access permission. The firewall grants access to databases based on the originating IP address of each request.

Initially, all Transact-SQL access to your Azure SQL server is blocked by the firewall. To begin using your Azure SQL server, you must specify one or more server-level firewall rules that enable access to your Azure SQL Server.

Connection attempts from the Internet and Azure must first pass through the firewall before they can reach your Azure SQL server or SQL Database, as shown in the following diagram:


Configure Server Level Firewall

Browse to your SQL Database from Azure Dashboard as shown in figure.


Your SQ Database wizard will look like as below.

Now to set Firewall,

Step 1: Browse to Set Server Firewall  option as shown  below.

Step 2: Now Add Client IP as shown in figure.


We have successfully set Server Level Firewall on Azure SQL Server.

Now lets try connecting Azure Database via SQL Server Management Studio.

Connecting Azure SQL Server via SSMS

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  2. Provide necessary Credentials.
  3. Enter Server Name as <server-name>.database.windows.net
  4. Enter Login name as usename@<server-name>
  5. Enter Password
  6. Click Connect to proceed.

After Successful Login we will be able to use Azure SQL Database via SSMS.

Connect Azure SQL Database using SQL Server management Studio

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