Getting Started with Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Databases: Relational Database-as-a Service in Microsoft Azure that supports structures such as relational data, JSON, spatial, and XML. 

Azure SQL Database is a fast growing service with several features being added each month. A SQL Database native to the cloud, also known as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Database or a Database as a Service (DBaaS) that is optimized for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) app development. It offers compatibility with the majority of SQL Server features.

  • The databases are totally isolated from each other and the SQL server is spun up just for a single database or a group of databases, entirely the preference of the person configuring them.
  • As the databases are isolated, names of the databases for each instances can be one standard name that is not specific to instance.
  • Azure SQL Databases are just individual databases.
  • Scalability of Azure SQL Database – The general scale options for Azure SQL Database are so impressive and remarkable.
    • Horizontal and geographical scale, which enables database sharing.
    • Service tier scale, which lets you change service tiers on-demand, on a schedule, programmatically
    • Readable secondaries – like AlwaysOn, Azure SQL database has native support for readable secondaries

To learn more about features of Azure SQL Server you can read official Blog of Microsoft on Azure SQL Database


Steps to Create Azure SQL Database

Login to Azure Portal with your Login Credentials at www.portal.azure.com

Step 1: New > Databases > SQL Databases as shown in figure below:

Create New SQL Server in Azure.


Step 2: Provide necessary Details



S.No Field Name  Summary
1 Database Name
2 Subscription
3 Resource Group Select Existing or Create New
4 Source Type of Database
5 Server Configuration Choose either existing SQL Server or Create new One
6 Create new SQL Server
7 Server Name  Name of SQL Server
8 Server User  SQL Server User
9 Server Password  Password to access SQL Server
11 Create SQL Server
12 Pricing Tier Select Appropriate Pricing Tier

  • Basic (Starting at 4.99 USD / month)
  • Standard(Starting at 15.00 USD / month)
  • Premium (Starting at 465.00 USD / month)
  • PremiumRS (Starting at 116.25 USD / month)
13 Pin to Dashboard Option to pin the newly created SQL Database Server for Quick Access
14 Create SQL Database


Now the SQL Database  will start deploying in Azure Dashboard.


SQL Database on Azure has been successfully Deployed.

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